Beef Chilli



  • Beef Strips or Julienne ½ kg (Undercut only)

  • Oil 4-5 tbs

  • Green Chilies 5-6 Or to taste lengthwise sliced

  • White Vinegar 1 tbs

  • Soya Sauce 1 tbs

  • Garlic chopped 1 tsp

  • Grounded black pepper ½-1 tsp

  • Salt to taste or 1 tsp

  • Corn Flour 1 tsp

  • Sesame Oil ½ tbs

  • Water 2-3 tbs

  • Bell pepper 1/2 Cup (Optional)

how to cook

  • In bowl mix vinegar, soya sauce, black pepper, sugar, salt and corn flour and pour it over julienned beef. Leave the beef for 40-50 mins for good marinating

  • Heat the oil in a pan and add garlic and fry little then add beef into it. Stir fry on medium heat until beef is done according to taste

  • Add water for little saucy texture

  • Add green chillies and sesame oil in last and give a last mix with bell peppers. Serve with rice of your choice


Product used in this recipe

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